Hand-raising the best quality dog for your family four paws at a time.

Here at Willow & Co. it is no secret that responsible, ethical breeding is expensive and consumes a lot of time. Breeding has truly become a passion to us, as we produce puppies that are confident, healthy and empowered to enter this world. We strive to produce dogs that are suitable for families, service work and that will bring love to your hearts and homes. Our pricing reflects the Badass Breeders curriculum we follow, the strict and advanced health testing we do to determine the quality puppies we're passing on from our mamas and papas, the time factored into raising these babies, routine veterinarian care, training and so much more. It is our job to ensure we're providing a well-rounded, exposed puppy that reflects the 8 weeks while they're in our care. In addition, our puppies go home with an ultimate puppy package, filled with all the goodies to make transitioning into their new home smooth and easy, you will also be provided with a lifetime of my breeder support. 

Leaving paw prints on your heart!

Leaving paw prints on your heart!

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Mini/Medium Bernedoodles

$3,000 - $4,000

Medium/Standard Goldendoodles

$2,500 - $3,500

Mini Goldendoodles

$2,500 - $3,500

All of our puppies are sold on strict spay/neuter contracts. Occasionally, depending on the litter, we will offer breeding rights to responsible programs for an additional fee. Please contact us to discuss your program goals

(Pet Home Only)

Puppy Pricing

  • Fully Health Tested, Temperament Tested, and Trained Parents (Embark, OFA's and PennHip)
  • ESI and ENS from Day 3 of their life to Day 16
  • Head start on potty training beginning week 3 (Potty trays)-week 6(week 6 we introduce an every 2 hour potty schedule to outside)
  • Head start on crate training beginning at 6 weeks old
  • BAB Curriculum
  • Every 2 week Zoom calls with families 
  • Weekly picture and video updates
  • Random live videos
  • Microchip 
  • A licensed DVM exam and first round of vaccinations
  • 3-day Health Guarantee 
  • 2-year Health Warranty 
  • 30 days of Free Trupanion Insurance 
  • Puppy Package (Scented blanket, leather collar, training treats, toys, custom Willow & Co. bag). Each bag is designed and packed differently for each litter.
  • Lifetime of Breeder Support

What's Included

We will begin scheduling puppy pick-ups, in advance, right around 4-6 weeks using sign-up genius. Your puppy will not be able to go home till they're 8 weeks old. However, we like to do this in advance to ensure enough time for travel and flight options, if needed. If flying or ground transportation are options you're considering, please let us know prior to 4 weeks of age or ASAP

Transportation Options

We will drive up to 4 hours ($1.50 loaded and $0.50 unloaded)


You can arrange and pay for a third-party ground transportation service.

Driving to pick up

We can personally fly to your nearest airport, with your puppy. Please message us to discuss this pricing (pricing will include price of our ticket, pet carrier and pet fee for flight).


You can arrange and pay for a third party flight nanny.

Flying to pick up

You can pick up your puppy in Greencastle, IN at our home. 


You can buy a plane ticket and fly into our nearest airport where we will meet you with your puppy, then fly back with puppy. 

Pick up in Indiana

If you're unable to pick up your puppy within the dates listed for, go-home day/weekend, we will need to be made aware of this in advance when sign-ups go out in order to keep your puppy for a longer duration of time. 

We will charge an additional fee of $35/night where we will continue crate training and potty training your puppy


We begin teaching our puppies to potty on a puppy potty tray to help them begin to distinguish between where they should potty and where they sleep and play. This is a fundamental potty training idea!

Our Puppy Curriculum


From days 3-16, a specific series of handling is performed that has been scientifically proven to improve cardiovascular health, immune system strength, and stress response later in life.


From days 3-16, we introduce a new scent every day. ESI helps improve nose strength which helps with nosework and certain types of service work.


We expose our puppies to various different loud, unexpected, and everyday noises to prevent panic to these sounds when they're older. 


We begin gentle 10-step handling exercises with our puppies and slowly increase intensity in order to condition them to various forms of human touch. 


We expose our puppies to various different stable and unpredictable objects, textures, and surfaces in order to build their confidence in new situations. 
On a litter by litter basis, we offer a 1:1, past 8 week, board and train. This training aids in a jumpstart to your puppy training, including crate training overnight, potty training outside to a schedule, leash training, public socialization and manners, door manners, basic commands (sit, stay down, come), "place", "crate" on command, continuing sound desensitizing and utilizing tools to keep a confident and empowered puppy. This training is limited to one spot per litter. Please inquire for additional information! 

Additional 1:1 Training